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The Leggari Certified Installer program was established to help home owners find good contractors…like you! If you have a good track record, are reliable and have a history of quality installation, we want to refer people to you!

Signing up with the form below enters you into Leggari’s referral system. Here’s how our system works: NO monthly or annual fees, and NO fees if you don’t get the job. We need to know what parts of the United States you would be willing to work in. It’s vital that we also know the type and scale of work you would like and can handle.

When we get a lead in your area you are responsible to follow up with that lead and complete the job USING LEGGARI PRODUCTS.

Leggari will receive 4% of the gross amount billed to that job. For example, if the job is a simple epoxy counter top install for $1,200, then you would pay Leggari $48. If the job is $88,000, then you would pay $3,520.

We work to find you work.

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