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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our customer's common questions and answers

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The only thing we allow the general public to buy are counter top kits. We designed them specifically for DIYers. If you’re a contractor you can buy any product we offer, including any size epoxy resin kits (1.5 gal – 150 gal) and quart size metallic containers, at incredible prices.

Currently we only ship to the continental United States. We are looking to expand in the future.

Epoxy is not UV stable, so direct UV rays can weaken and yellow it and possibly cause delamination. Most buildings have good windows that block out most UV rays from reaching the indoors.

Our epoxy is rated to withstand as high a temperature as any on the market. No epoxy is heat or fire proof. For those want to know if they can set a hot pan on their counter once it’s been coated, NO – you cannot set a hot pan on any counter usually unless it’s a concrete counter that hasn’t been sealed yet and even then it could mess it up.

You have about 15 minutes to get epoxy out of the container before it starts out-gassing and setting up. The industry calls this interval the “pot life.” If you get epoxy out of the container and onto a surface quickly you’ll have about double the pot life to work with.

Yes, epoxy bonds extremely well with itself. To prep an epoxy layer for coverage, sand it. If you’re sanding a floor we recommend a low-RPM floor machine, NOT a buffer or burnisher. If you’re sanding a counter, use a palm sander or a little elbow grease.

We structured Leggari to teach contractors in the coating industry how to make money. We know we have the strongest, most scratch-resistant epoxy on the market because we’ve used everything else out there. All epoxy is not equal. Don’t take our word for it, try it out and see for yourself.

A standard hole saw or jigsaw for wood works well to drill through the epoxy counter tops.

We’ve designed them to cover up to 50 square feet. They can do more but without experience stick to 50 square feet.

I invite you to the Contractor’s Area of our site. You’ll find a wealth of information, including a video database we’re constantly updating to teach contractors how to make beautiful counter tops and floors. Because of our background in coatings we also have content showing you how to make more money both with our products – and others! We designed this site specifically for you, if you’re a contractor.