Countertop Kits

As the creators of the original Epoxy Countertop Kit, we have designed our Kits to be the easiest to install on the market. Transform any countertop with one of our many Countertop Kits. Whether you want the look of high-end marble, natural stone, or concrete, Leggari Has You Covered! Each Kit has been designed by the best installers in the industry using the most straightforward techniques.

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Leggari stone kits

After years of developing new and exciting techniques, we’ve developed a new thicker Countertop Kit using a “Dirty Pour” technique originally founded in the art industry. These are our new Leggari Stone Kits, these new kits are twice as thick as our standard kits and have stone-like movement only typically found in nature itself. Both styles are beautiful and offer differing looks, but one thing is for sure, every one of our Countertop kits is a show stopper.

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concrete overlay kits

Concrete Overlay Counters give you the look and feel of solid concrete counters without the issues typically associated with concrete counters. Our Concrete Overlay is a thin concrete-like product; combined with our Top Coats they are seamless, extremely durable, non-porous, and easy to install. No need to rip out your current countertops, you can go right over them with our Concrete Overlay Countertop Kits.

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Leggari Exotics Kits

All-new looks from the same great company! Our new Exotics Line is similar to our Stone Line but integrates our latest solid pigments to create beautiful natural looks. These kits are the same thickness as our industry-leading Stone Kits with the same easy techniques.