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Leggari Products is dedicated to simplifying the epoxy resin industry, which has been seriously overcomplicated and even intimidating for years. Our model is simple. We aim to sell the industry’s most durable and user-friendly epoxy products while providing the industry’s most user-friendly installation. Our video tutorials and installation instructions are second to none (that’s not an overstatement).

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This company is amazing, not just the product which turned out beautiful, but the owners are awesome as well. I highly recommend Leggari!

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Every Leggari Kit has its own step-by-step high-quality tutorial videos. This means easy-to-follow audio and video of every part of your install process. Our tutorial videos have allowed us to sell tens of thousands of kits to regular people worldwide, from every walk of life, regardless of artistic ability. We constantly update our videos to increase quality and content, making our tutorials the easiest in the world to understand and follow.

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Leggari Products is proud to offer coatings and kits that are made entirely in America. We believe in supporting the American economy, and we are committed to using only the highest quality materials.  In addition, Leggari is proud to support American jobs and contribute to the booming economy. When you purchase a Leggari coating or kit, you can rest assured that you are supporting a company that is committed to American manufacturing. So if you’re looking for superior quality and durability, Leggari is the brand for you. Made in America means made to last, so choose Leggari for all of your coating needs.

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Don’t worry because the Leggari Lifetime Warranty has you covered. We guarantee our kits are so strong they will not delaminate (peel off) or wear off over time. People have been saying for a long time that we have the best products they’ve ever used, and now we’re proving it.

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