Leggari Concrete Wall Kits



Leggari Concrete Wall Kits will turn any wall into a beautiful, contemporary Concrete Wall. These Kits don’t just look like concrete, they feel like concrete as well, and will add an entirely new surface to your wall. Our Concrete Wall Kits will never come off and can be painted back over in the future should you ever want to change the surface back. Now you can have a concrete Wall anywhere without the huge cost and weight of a real concrete wall. 

Want to see the difference between Rough and Smooth? Check the gallery.

To order an optional Stain color for even more finish options, click HERE.

This kit includes all the materials you need to create a 200 square foot Concrete Wall. Specifically: Primer, Concrete overlay, Liquid Polymer, and Matte Urethane Top Coat. 

  • Covers 200 square feet
  • 100% UV stable, will not discolor
  • Go right over your painted wall
  • Easy to install
  • Create a beautiful concrete wall
  • Lots of color options (even more when using stain)

Shelf Life: Unopened products-1 year || Opened Products-6 months


There is natural cement within the Gray Leggari Texture Coat. This cement can cause slight variations between batches. When these nuances occur, they are subtle and rarely noticed.