We have the highest quality products on the market with the easiest installation techniques. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say:

My husband and I ordered one of your kits. We were a little nervous but after we were finished we were amazed with how easy it was. We love the look of our countertops. Our friends love them too. Thanks for your tutorial videos and help. You guys saved us a lot of money. And we can’t wait to do it again when we’re ready for a change in color. But for now, we’ll enjoy our new countertops.

Janet H.

I did a lot of research with different epoxy products. I can tell you this is the easiest product to install. Watch the videos! I did a floor and a countertop. The countertop video is amazing! Truly from delivery of product to finish. So ladies if you love the pictures you can do it! I am a nurse and I did mine! Great product guys. Oh side note, if you mess up, nothing a little sanding and top coat can’t fix!!

Rose T.

This company is amazing, not just the product which turned out beautiful, but the owners are awesome as well. I highly recommend Leggari!

Nena H.

Leggari offers a high end countertop and floor DIY epoxy kit without the high end pricing. We love this product so much, that we have used it for our kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, master bath countertop, jacuzzi tub surround, a second bathroom, and bar. That’s just the beginning! The beauty and durability of this amazing epoxy has us dreaming of other projects to do.

Kristen C.

This was the second time I did a Leggari countertop kit. The customer wanted new counters but didn’t want to spend the money on granite just yet so I recommended Leggari’s kits. They picked the color and I installed the kit and the backsplash and they loved it. I highly recommend the countertop kits, extremely easy to install and very durable. Definitely a great option if you want a fresh look without spending thousands.

Sina T.

We were a bit nervous at first attempting to use the kit ourselves but could not be happier with how it came out!!!! We ordered the kit and Leggari was super helpful tracking its whereabouts and with all the helpful tutorials. Online it was smooth sailing! Highly recommend and we will definitely be using them in the future!!! Thanks again!!!

Katelyn W.

Our beautiful custom epoxy countertops were the easiest part of our complete kitchen renovation. The YouTube videos made it look SO easy and we were a little skeptical. The Leggari guys went above and beyond to answer our questions (and provide emotional support) throughout the whole process. And we had a LOT of questions! We thought there was NO way it would be as easy as the video showed it to be, but it REALLY was. To quote my hubby, “This stuff is MAGIC!!” Our finished countertops are AMAZING. Everyone wants to know who did them and where we got them. Y’all, we did this ourselves.

Cherity G.

Went into this thinking it was going to be a very hard process, watched all the tutorial videos 2 times to make sure I had it right. Did my countertops yesterday couldn’t be any happier. They have a killer product and don’t let it intimidate you it’s actually easy if you take your time. Thank you Leggari for your awesome product.

Nick S.

This company is awesome. The owners are down to earth guys. Great response for questions. The products are awesome. Well worth the money. This style will save you thousands of dollars and give your countertops a way better look than granite, etc.

Patrick B.

I have carpet in my house and decided to change it to epoxy floors, so I had watched several brand names of epoxy flooring on YouTube. They all seem the same. Same process and everything, but I decided to go with Leggari and it was the perfect decision, excellent products, superb customer service. Tim was very helpful thank you Tim, he can guide you every step of the way. Great experience, I can’t wait to settle on the colors for the second room. Thank you Leggari again, I will recommend you guys to everyone I know.

Meezo Y.