Asphalt Repair Kit

From: $280.00

We guarantee our proprietary kits are so strong they will not delaminate (peel off) or wear off over time. For years people have been saying we have the best products they’ve ever used, and now we’re proving it.

Step 1: Enter Square Footage



Leggari’s Asphalt Repair Kit is one of the strongest asphalt resurfacers on the market. Typical Asphalt sealers put a thin tar-like material over the old asphalt without adding any type of structure to it. Leggari’s Asphalt Repair is a game-changer, renewing your asphalt quickly, easily, and affordably.

Leggari Asphalt Repair adds an entirely new surface to your asphalt with substantial durability, adding years of life to your asphalt. This is not a traditional painted-on tar-like material; Leggari Asphalt Repair is an industrial-grade resurfacer loaded with Polymers, for flexibility and crushed marble, for strength. In traditional Leggari fashion, we’ve answered one of the most frustrating issues of asphalt with one of the greatest products the industry has ever seen. 

This kit includes all the products you’ll need to renew your asphalt, including Sealer.


  • Truly industrial grade
  • Will encapsulate your asphalt
  • Increases asphalts structural strength
  • Slip-resistant
  • Chemical resistant coating
  • Stronger than traditional asphalt seal-coats
  • Resistant to ice melt
  • MUCH less than ripping out and repaving
  • Tested and proved on millions of square feet
  • Designed to handle years of heavy traffic
  • Will not wear off or delaminate even after years of use

Try before you buy – Order a Repair Sample Kit HERE

Once your kit is purchased, we will email the step-by-step tutorial videos on how to install this kit. These tutorials will be on the emailed receipt and sent to the email you use during the checkout process.

Shelf Life: Unopened products-1 year || Opened Products-6 months

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