Floor Kits

Leggari Floor Kits are the easiest floors on the market to install and the most durable. Transform almost any floor inside or out with one of our Leggari Floor Kits. Each Kit is designed by the best installers in the industry using the most straightforward techniques. And just like all of our Kits, Leggari Floor Kits come with our step-by-step tutorials to guide you through every part of the process.

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Leggari Flake Floors, also known as Chip floors or broadcast floors, are a seamless epoxy floors with first-class chemical resistance and durability. These Flake Floor Kits are most popular in garages and shops and are easy to install and easy to maintain.


Leggari Texture Deck is designed to easily go over your existing exterior concrete to add texture for grip. Often used on pool decks, Leggari Texture Deck is 30% cooler than concrete and requires minimal prep before applying.