Texture Deck – Medium Brown

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This Texture Deck Kit creates a Medium Brown Texture color.

Leggari Texture Deck is designed to easily go over your existing exterior concrete to add texture for grip. Often used on pool decks, Leggari Texture Deck is 30% cooler than concrete and requires minimal prep before applying. Texture Deck is also a popular application for driveways and wheelchair ramps. Because of Texture Deck’s grip, it works great where ADA compliance is required. Combine all this with our lifetime warranty and you will have peace of mind for years to come

Leggari’s Texture Deck System is the most cost-effective industrial coating on the market while still being one of the easiest to install. All of our Texture Deck options are 100% UV stable.

The Leggari Texture Deck System comes with our easy to apply WB Sealer.



  • The look, feel, and uniformity of the finished Texture Deck product is subject to the installer’s ability.
  • Texture Deck is not designed to cover 100% of your concrete surface but rather give traction to it while adding a two-toned look. This look is accomplished by combining the color of the Kit you choose with the color of your current concrete underneath.


This kit includes Concrete Overlay, Liquid Polymer, and WB Sealer. 

Once your kit is purchased we will email the step-by-step tutorial videos on how to install this kit. These tutorials will be on the emailed receipt and sent to the email you use during the checkout process.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our Texture Deck kits are so strong they will not *discolor, delaminate (peel off) or wear off over time. For years people have been saying we have the best products they’ve ever used, and now we’re proving it.

*To maintain the initial installations color vibrancy it must be re-sealed with the like sealer every year (maybe longer), depending on the traffic. The warranty does not apply to commercial and industrial applications. Although it will still last for years, it’s not realistic in commercial and industrial applications to last forever.

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100, 250, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750, 2,000, 2,250, 2,500, 2,750, 3,000, 3,250, 3,500, 3,750, 4,000, 4,250, 4,500, 4,750, 5,000, 5,250, 5,500, 5,750, 6,000

Square Footage Number of Kits Needed
0 - 50 ft2: 1 kit
50 - 100 ft2: 2 kits
100 - 150 ft2: 3 kits
150 - 200 ft2: 4 kits
200 - 250 ft2: 5 kits
250 - 300 ft2: 6 kits
300 - 350 ft2: 7 kits
350 - 400 ft2: 8 kits
400 - 450 ft2: 9 kits
450 - 500 ft2: 10 kits