Hardwood Kit #2 – Gray Grain with Black Stain

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This Hardwood Overlay Kit creates a beautiful black wood look with gray grain running throughout it.

Leggari Hardwood Overlay kits are show stoppers every time! You’ll have all the materials you’ll need to complete an industrial-Grade Concrete Overlay Hardwood technique that will never wear off. It’s thin so it won’t complicate door thresholds or create tripping hazards. It will follow the contours of your concrete so there’s no need to make the floor perfect before installing. It can also go vertical. No more grout to clean! Imagine beautiful hardwood in your garage, or around a pool!

Choose between 4mm (about 1/8″) tape, or for more accentuated lines, 6mm (Recommended) (about 1/4″) tape. The tape size you choose will determine the width of the gap between each wood plank you make; these can also be called ‘grout lines’, although they’re not filled with grout. The color and look of the grout lines between each wood plank will be the look of the concrete you’re going over. Each Hardwood Overlay Kit comes with enough tape to do 4″-12″ wide wood planks (or larger). The larger your planks the less tape you’ll use.

These floors are incredibly durable and mimic traditional Hardwood floors. Leggari’s Hardwood Overlay System is cost-effective and easy to install. They are 100% UV stable and can be installed inside or out. Now you can put hardwood in your garage to park on, or even around your pool! Our Hardwood Overlay Kits go right over your existing interior or exterior concrete. They’re easy to install and easy to maintain.



  • WB Urethane Top Coat recommended for indoor applications and WB Sealer for Outdoor applications. Both offer fantastic chemical resistance and durability.
  • Hardwood Overlay, once sealed, can be slippery when wet, much like tile. Although, this can be minimized for exterior installations by not sanding as much when the installation process recommends it.


This kit includes Concrete Overlay, Liquid Polymer, Stain, Grout Line Tape, and a Top Coat. This kit does not allow for different colored grout lines in between the wood planks, the grout lines will be the color of your concrete.

Once your kit is purchased we will email the step-by-step tutorial videos on how to install this kit. These tutorials will be on the emailed receipt and sent to the email you use during the checkout process.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our Hardwood Overlay kits are so strong they will not *discolor, delaminate (peel off) or wear off over time. For years people have been saying we have the best products they’ve ever used, and now we’re proving it.

*To maintain the initial installations color vibrancy it must be re-sealed with the like sealer every 1-3 years (maybe longer), depending on the traffic.


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Square Footage

100, 250, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750, 2,000, 2,250, 2,500, 2,750, 3,000, 3,250, 3,500, 3,750, 4,000, 4,250, 4,500, 4,750, 5,000, 5,250, 5,500, 5,750, 6,000

Top Coat

WB Sealer (Exterior), Matte Urethane Top Coat (Interior), Gloss Urethane Top Coat (Interior)

Square Footage Number of Kits Needed
0 - 50 ft2: 1 kit
50 - 100 ft2: 2 kits
100 - 150 ft2: 3 kits
150 - 200 ft2: 4 kits
200 - 250 ft2: 5 kits
250 - 300 ft2: 6 kits
300 - 350 ft2: 7 kits
350 - 400 ft2: 8 kits
400 - 450 ft2: 9 kits
450 - 500 ft2: 10 kits