Custom Leggari Exotics Counter Kit


    (Why do I need a Top Coat? Watch Here.)

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    (Why do I need Grit Additive? Watch Here.)

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Product Details:

All-new looks from the same great company! Our new Exotics Line is similar to our Stone Line but integrates our latest solid pigments to create beautiful natural looks. These kits are the same thickness as our industry-leading Stone Kits with the same easy techniques.

This kit covers up to 50 sq ft. and includes Primer, Epoxy, and Pigments with an optional Top Coat. Not sure how many kits you need? Click here.

Once your kit is purchased we will email the step-by-step tutorial videos on how to install this kit. These tutorials will be on the emailed receipt and sent to the email you use during the checkout process.

Disclaimer: The final look of each kit is determined by the creativity of the installer. ¬†Contact us if you’d like more information on a specific look.

Lifetime Warranty:

We guarantee our proprietary kits are so strong they will not delaminate (peel off) or discolor over time. For years people have been saying we have the best products they’ve ever used, and now we’re proving it.