Epoxy Accelerator



Leggari’s Epoxy Accelerator can be added to all Leggari resin Products including Metallic Epoxy, Pigmented White Epoxy, Vapor Barrier, and Patcher Paste. It’s ideal for projects where a faster cure is needed or in cold environments.

  • Max 8oz per 1.5 gallons (can use less to adjust cure times)
  • The exact cure time is dependent on ambient temperature and how much Accelerator is added
  • Shorten wait time for dirty pour processes
  • Can be used with multiple Leggari resin products

Important: Because Leggari Epoxy Accelerator speeds up the curing process, it also reduces pot life and working time. When using Leggari Epoxy Accelerator please be aware of this fact and work at a proper pace accordingly.