Leggari Squeegee



We’ve done it again! Leggari’s Squeegee is the most durable squeegee on the market! Specifically designed for applying coatings.  Our unique, thicker squeegee is double-bonded to the plastic minimizing the chance of tearing on the edges. Even at 23.5 inches wide, our angled thick plastic design allows you to apply lots of pressure without the squeegee flexing. Get more life out of your squeegee, get a Leggari Squeegee.

  • Standard 3/4″ broom thread, fits any standard pole
  • 23.5″ wide
  • Protective cover for squeegee head
  • Unique double-bonded squeegee head minimizes tearing
  • Angled, extra-thick plastic won’t flex when lots of pressure is applied
  • Two bolts and four screws ensure the squeegee won’t fall off
  • 7.75″ wide plastic pole insert for more rigidity

Recommended use:

  1. Blending highlights into Epoxy Countertops and Floors
  2. Applying our Concrete Overlay Texture Coat (not Scratch Coat)
  3. Applying the 1st and 2nd coat of Overlay in our Concrete Overlay Countertop Kits (not 3rd coat)
  4. Smoothing Texture Coat for Wall Kits
  5. Applying our Concrete Repair Kits
  6. Applying our Asphalt Repair Kits
  7. Flake Floor Kits