17″ Sanding Screens (Silicon Carbide) 5-Pack



Leggari Sanding Screens are resin bonded with sharp Silicon Carbide grains on both sides of mesh cloth and offer maximum longevity. More durable than paper or cloth, these sanding screens are perfect for sanding our Concrete Overlays and Epoxy floors and removing old coats of finish and wax. Our discs are resistant to rips and tears with their robust open weave construction. They may be used on either side to get the most use out of the disc. The mesh screen featured on these discs helps prevent any loading and clogs from sanding shavings. These sanding screens can be used either wet or dry due to their waterproof resin and are washable and reusable, allowing for a longer lifespan. These mesh sanding screen discs are commonly used on Concrete Overlays, Epoxy Floors, hardwood floors, concrete, and other natural and artificial stones using a low RPM floor sander.

  • 17″ Discs
  • Comes in packs of 5
  • 100 Grit is recommended for Sanding our Texture Coat before applying Scratch Coat
  • 220 Grit is recommended for sanding cured Epoxy floors before applying our Waterbased Urethane
  • Stronger than Cloth or Paper discs
  • Commercial Grade