Grit Additive



Product Details:

Leggari’s Grit Additive is an *optional additive for our Urethane Top Coat, making it extremely durable and virtually scratch-proof. The Grit won’t settle when mixed but will remain suspended, making it easy for dip-and-roll applications.

This Grit Additive is pre-packaged specifically for our WB Urethane. The smaller 50-gram bag is measured to go into our WB Urethane Countertop, and the 330-gram bag is measured to go into our WB Urethane Floor.

This Grit Additive product is for people who forgot to order the Grit while ordering the WB Urethane.

  • Made in the USA
  • UV Stable
  • Turns Gloss Urethane into a satin finish (Matte is unaffected)

*Grit Additive is not meant to be added to epoxy resin, it is specific to our WB Urethane Top Coat.