Leggari Stain (5 gal.)



Leggari Stain is a 100% UV stable, polymer modified, deep penetrating stain used for existing Concrete, Concrete Overlays, and Leggari Concrete Overlay Countertop kits. Our premium formula allows for easy and consistent staining which produces gorgeous permanent color variations that look like natural stone.

Leggari Stain is used for interior and exterior use. The colors will not fade or yellow when subjected to sunlight. With 6 color options you can achieve numerous antiquing effects using endless staining techniques. You can create beautiful and natural finishes by combining multiple stain colors at a time. Its fast dry chemistry allows you to seal within one hour in most applications, saving you time and money.

Leggari Stain comes with one Leggari Pigment color of your choice.

  • 5 gal. pail (2 gallons Isopropyl alcohol bought separately, recommended 91% or higher)
  • One pail covers 1,500-4,000+ sq ft, depending on the surface porosity
  • 100% UV Stable, Will Not Discolor
  • Will Penetrate and Color Most Porous Surfaces
  • Application Versatility Provides Infinite Appearance Options
  • Fast Dry Once Applied
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Can be Sealed as Soon as it Dries
  • Easy to Mix and Apply