Scratch Coat



Leggari Scratch Coat is an extremely durable cementitious blend designed to mix into our Liquid Polymer. Scratch Coat is designed to be applied after a layer of our Texture Coat to create a smooth surface. Scratch Coat is made from the same blend as our Texture Coat, minus the marble. We also offer the ability to pigment the Scratch Coat using our Basic Pigments for even more options and color schemes (White Scratch Coat is recommended when pigmenting). This is the same Scratch Coat used in our Concrete Overlay Countertop Kits as well as our concrete wall technique.

Note: Coverage rate varies depending on how much the first layer of Texture Coat is sanded. Typically between 250-1,000+ sq ft per bag.

  • One 40 Lb. bag to 2.5 gallons Liquid Polymer
  • Two 40 Lb. bags to 5 gallons Liquid Polymer
  • Available in Gray and White
  • A unique blend of polymers, cement, and more
  • Industrial Grade
  • 100% UV Stable
  • Flexible
  • Can handle radical freeze-thaw cycles
  • Breathable allowing for moisture emissions

There is natural cement within the Gray Leggari Texture Coat. This cement can cause slight variations between batches. When these nuances occur, they are subtle and rarely noticed.