Metallic Pigments

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Leggari Metallics are special effect pigments designed to be added to our Leggari Metallic Epoxy, adding new dimensions in depth and design. Setting the standard in dynamic movement, color vibrance, and shimmer that mimics the natural look of stone and rock formations. Our exclusive true color packaging eliminates the need to hand measure messy metallics again. Every Leggari Metallic color is pre-measured for color variance and consistency. Our Metallics are packaged to directly pair to the different sizes of Metallic Epoxy kits we offer. You will finally be able to achieve consistent color every coat, every time no matter the size of project.

  • Multi-dimensional Depth and Color
  • UV Stable
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Natural Stone Appearance
  • Artisan Friendly
  • True Color Packaging

Our medium size can pigment our 1.5 gal kits. You can use more or less depending on the desired finish and project.

The large size can pigment our 3 gal kits. You can use more or less depending on the desired finish and project.

Note: Liquid Diamonds is more transparent. It works great adding sparkle to projects, used as a highlight, or used as a dispersing effect. It’s not recommended as a Base Coat, or to be used as a stand-alone color in clear epoxy. For best results marbelize it with other Metallic colors.


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Square Footage Number of Kits Needed
0 - 50 ft2: 1 kit
50 - 100 ft2: 2 kits
100 - 150 ft2: 3 kits
150 - 200 ft2: 4 kits
200 - 250 ft2: 5 kits
250 - 300 ft2: 6 kits
300 - 350 ft2: 7 kits
350 - 400 ft2: 8 kits
400 - 450 ft2: 9 kits
450 - 500 ft2: 10 kits