Leggari Art Metallics



Created specifically with the artist in mind. Our Leggari Art Metallics are special effect pigments designed to be added to our Leggari Metallic Epoxy. These Metallics are all packaged in 50-gram bags, making it easy to mix and match colors for different art projects. Setting the standard in dynamic movement, color vibrance, and shimmer. Most of these Metallic colors are not found in our standard Metallic Pigments, only our Stone Kit line of Countertop Kits features these colors.

  • Used in our Leggari Stone Countertop Kits
  • 50-gram bags (pigments 64 oz. perfectly)
  • Multi-dimensional Depth and Color
  • UV Stable
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Artisan Friendly

These Art Metallics pigment our 64oz of resin perfectly. You can use more or less depending on the desired finish and project.

NOTE: These colors are meant for small projects and artisans who know how to use Metallics. It’s not recommended to use these colors for larger projects. If you’re doing larger projects please check out our Countertop and Floor Kits, or purchase the Larger Metallic sizes in our standard Metallic Pigment Line in the store. If you want to use these colors for a countertop, check out our Leggari Stone Kits which use these pigments.