Leggari Epoxy Pigments

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Are you ready to create the most realistic natural stone looks? Our Epoxy Pigments are special effect pigments designed to be added to our Leggari Metallic Epoxy (Clear). These Pigments turn our Clear Metallic Epoxy into a solid color epoxy. The different pigment colors are packaged individually, making it easy to mix and match colors for different projects. These Epoxy Pigments are the same pigments used in our new highly anticipated Leggari Stone – Exotics line. Each pigment is offered in two sizes. Pigment either a 1.5-gallon kit or a 3-gallon kit of our Metallic epoxy. The Epoxy Pigment can also be used to blend with or highlight our Metallic line or our Pigmented White Epoxy.

  • Two sizes! Pigment 1.5 or 3 gallons of Leggari Metallic Epoxy
  • Creates Natural Stone Looks
  • Mix-and-match Colors
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Artisan Friendly

NOTE: If used in conjunction with our standard Metallic Pigment Line in the store, the Epoxy Pigments should be used as a highlight or base color. It’s not recommended to add the Pigments and Metallic Powders to the same batch of epoxy. The pigments will over-power the Metallics so you won’t be able to see them. 


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Square Footage Number of Kits Needed
0 - 50 ft2: 1 kit
50 - 100 ft2: 2 kits
100 - 150 ft2: 3 kits
150 - 200 ft2: 4 kits
200 - 250 ft2: 5 kits
250 - 300 ft2: 6 kits
300 - 350 ft2: 7 kits
350 - 400 ft2: 8 kits
400 - 450 ft2: 9 kits
450 - 500 ft2: 10 kits