Leggari Notched Squeegee



We’ve done it again! Leggari’s Notched Squeegee is the most durable squeegee on the market! Specifically designed for applying epoxy coatings.  Our unique, thicker squeegee is double-bonded to the plastic for longevity. Our harder rubber means you’ll get more square feet out of your Notched Squeegee before needing to replace it. Get more life out of your squeegee, get a Leggari Notched Squeegee.

  • Standard 3/4″ broom thread, fits any standard pole
  • 23.5″ wide
  • Harder rubber for more applications
  • Unique double-bonded squeegee head for longevity
  • Four screws ensure the squeegee won’t fall off

Recommended use:

  1. Laying out the Base Coat for Epoxy Floor Kits quickly
  2. Laying out the Base Coat for Epoxy Countertop Kits quickly (not for Concrete Countertop Kits)

NOT recommended for Flake Floor Kits. For Flake Floor Kits we recommend our standard Squeegee.